Jully's Fashion Design

Random Black Beanie


Covers Ears     Comfortable    Washable    One Size Fits All   

A Full Volume Hat! There is no need to make a hat that simply does not fit. And while we understand that you want to look good, we also know that your hat should behave on your head. This hat was designed to completely cover your head, completely cover your ears, and cover down onto the neck. We used selected yarns that are soft and warm. This is the Beanie style hat. When properly placed onto your head you will see that smooth look on the forehead and the slouchy look at the back. 


Black and white color mixed randomly  Closed-top design    

Made with soft and warm material    80% Acrylic    15% Wool    Stretchable    

Washable - You wash the hat just like a sweater. Use Woolite and cold water. Set dryer at ex-low heat.

Heat and water resistant plastic visor