Jully's Fashion Design

How I Got Started            

I started designing and making the hats in 2008. After trying to stick all my long hair through those tiny holes in the back of the baseball cap, I decided to make a hat that works. How can I wear a hat with my ponytail? How can I wear a hat that stays put? How can I get a hat that stays down on the ears and not creep up all the time? Plus, I was tired of having hats that I had to fit my hair style into. You know what I mean. What I needed was a hat that could fit to my hair styles, and not just when I wear my hair down on my shoulders, I needed the hat to fit all of them - ponytails, buns, and undo hairstyles. 

Fashion is important, but at the end of the day, I simply needed a hat that fit my head and could manage all my hair. So... I started with chopping up the typical baseball cap simply by expanding the hole in the back. It wasn't long before I figured out that I was basically making a headband with a visor. Baseball caps do not really stretch to fit so I took apart the edges and installed elastic bands. That didn't work too well as the elastic bands stretched differently than the headband mesh and nylon material. It was way too tight in the middle of the hat. Next I moved into knitting the headband, adding the elastic bands, and trying to attach the visor without it flopping around. Through the years I have continued to refined my technique and test new features. I have come a long way since my first generation of hats. However, I do remember them clearly on the display table, selling them to customers at the craft shows, and knowing that I can do better.  

Art, style, and function are equally important to me. My exclusive hat designs fit all of the seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. I use cotton and spandex for the warmer months. Acrylic and wool blends for the transitional months. Finally, for those dreaded, deep winter months, I use the super warm, polyester fleece lining in many of the open-top and fully covered hats. 

Each of my designs are playful, practical, durable, and I have many repeat customers that have expressed sincere appreciation for the quality and joy in wearing the hats. They loved the compliments they receive wearing the hats. It is truly exciting to have so much encouragement and support to expand my efforts from the crafts and art shows around the mid-west and into online sales. 

Today, the Jullys Fashion Design team continues to grow. Our commitment is to make sure your hat fits comfortably on your head. We already know that our hats are one-of-a-kind. Whether you are visiting us at our show schedule, shopping online, or placing a phone order, we will take the time to help you get the right hat... the one that fits comfortably and behaves like it should.


Jully - Owner and Designer of Open Top Ponytail Hats and Fully Covered Hats

Jullys Fashion Design
Oshkosh, Wisconsin