Jully's Fashion Design

Purple Fleece Lined Beanie


Covers Ears     Comfortable    Washable    One Size Fits All   

When the cold settles in and the goose bumps begin to appear, master the winter season with our beloved fleece-lined beanie hats. Being outside does not have to be a bad experience. Perfect for snow country in cold and extreme cold weather.

This beanie style hat was designed to completely cover your head, completely cover your ears, and cover down onto the neck. We used selected yarns that are soft and warm. When properly placed onto your head you will feel the warmth from the fleece lining all over on the inside. We already know what these fleece-lined hats can do and the stories from our customers who spend their time outside skiing, sledding, ice fishing, and walking the dog. 


Dark purple color  Closed-top design    Inside is completely Fleeced- lined

Made with soft and warm material    80% Acrylic    15% Wool    Stretchable 

Fleece lining is 100% polyester   

Washable - You wash the hat just like a sweater. Use Woolite and cold water. Set dryer at ex-low heat.

Heat and water resistant plastic visor

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