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Pink Stripe Trendy - FINAL SALE

$24.99 $14.99

Covers Ears     Comfortable    Washable    One Size Fits All   

Perfect for girls at recess, waiting for the bus, and hanging out with friends. This pink and purple striped trendy open-top hat lets you have a little fun with their outfits and manages all of their hair styles. Go Ahead... Let Your Pony Out!

This hat completely covers your ears, keeps the sun out of their eyes, and is very functional for their pony, tousled bun, and flirty updo hair styles. They can even wear this hat with their hair down; giving them a different look- attractive and a bit girly. They don't have to have their pony sticking out every time. It's very popular for girls under age 13 years old.


Off-white, pink and purple stripes  Open-top design    

Rope stitch pattern and gathered at the back to allow you to set their pony lower on their head   

Made with soft and warm material    80% Acrylic    15% Wool    Stretchable  

Washable - You wash the hat just like a sweater. Use Woolite and cold water. Set dryer at low heat.

Heat and water resistant plastic visor