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Brown Mix Sporty

$24.99 $22.50

Covers Ears     Comfortable    Washable    One Size Fits All   

The iconic knit visor with the hole for your pony tail

Wear your hair how you want! Our winter pony tail hat allows you to wear your braids, ponytails, buns, etc. while staying warm and looking stylish. The soft and stretchy headband is comfortable and one size fits all. 

Our pony tail hat is made from only the most premium quality of wool and angora. Our hats are made to last and offer warmth, comfort and style for years to come. The durable, waterproof visor keeps the snow, rain and snow out of your eyes. The visor is expertly crafted from a sturdy, plastic composite that can bend and fold.

Hats are designed with a thick band to cover your ears. The stretchy band means the hat will stay put on your head, no matter how busy or hectic life gets. Perfect for jogging, horseback riding, walking the dog, shoveling the snow, snowmobiling, or just going to the store. Our washable, drama-free hat is also popular with kids. Whether they're waiting for the bus in the morning or playing in the snow at recess, our hat is perfect to keep them warm, comfy and happy.

Your pony tail hat is crafted with thought and care in every stitch. Every hat is pre-washed and pre-shrunk for your convenience- so you don't have to worry about it shrinking! Our hats are truly unique. If you are looking for a stylish, yet functional hat that no one else has, check out our iconic pony tail hat. Just like hundreds of our other happy customers, we know you'll love your hat. 


Brown mix white color    Open-top design    Tight knit stitch pattern    

Made with soft and warm material    80% Acrylic    15% Wool    Stretchable    

Washable - You wash the hat just like a sweater. Use Woolite and cold water. Set dryer at ex-low heat.