Jully's Fashion Design

Black mix Headband/Neck Warmer

$24.99 $22.50

Covers Ears     Comfortable    Washable    One Size Fits All   

This headband is soft, warm, and comfortable. The wide band completely covers your ears and forehead. Perfect for ice skating, skiings, sledding, ice fishing, and walking the dog. In a pinch, our customers tell us that they will pull the headband down around their neck to serve as a quick neck warmer. You can try that too!


Black and white mixed color    Tight knit stitch pattern    Stretchable

Made with soft and warm material    80% Acrylic    15% Wool    5% spandex     

Washable - You wash the headband just like a sweater. Use Woolite and cold water. Set dryer at ex-low heat. Air dry is the best.