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Full Face Wrap - Pink


Fully Covered Fleece Face Wrap- Pink color on one side and pink colored fleece on the other side

Keep your face warm against the cold, brutal winter winds. These fleece lined face wraps cover the face and forehead, are easy to wear, reversible, and have velcro on the strap to fit your head shape.

Fasten the Velcro strap slanted upward on the back of your head; don't fasten the straps straight back onto your neck as the face wrap will not be properly fitted. Fits ages 7 on up. Note: You can use them with younger kids (age 5) by putting their hat on first and then the fully covered face wrap on top of the hat material.

Small breathing holes are visible on the front. Made from 100% polyester fleece material. Wash in cold water and air dry or use the low heat setting on the dryer.